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The Western Travel is the revolution in business migration to Europe and Canada in only one visa (188 visa program) for only one country. After three successful years, The Western Travel is the most trusted name in migration to Schengen and Europe and is one of the fastest-growing companies in India. Every day, The WEstern travel an average of 500 inquiries from India, as Europe has become a beacon of fortune for millionaires.


To provide better Jobs opportunities along with an ultra-luxurious lifestyle with a secured future for their family ”​


“Our primary vision is to help Skilled, Unskilled or Entrepreneurs to migrate to Europe for better Jobs & business growth and call Europe their second home ”


“Our Mission is to be the global leaders in Jobs Provider and Business Migration to Europe”​

Our responsibility

The Western Travel is responsible for the provision of easy international migration services to Europe and Canada, from the point of contact and application process to the arrival. 


We have main offices in India to assist the successful accomplishment of your new career and life to your desired destination.

We are for you.

Values Services

Our HR team together with the legal departments in Europe/Canada and UAE ensures you the highest standard of service and is in regular contact with you, ensuring that all your documents meet all formal and legal requirements.

Through our directness (we are not the agency!) we provide you our assistance during the processing of the documents necessary for visa to start your career in Europe and Canada.

THE WESTERN TRAVELS is an equal opportunity employer and makes all employment decisions based only on the basis of your qualifications – without regard to Your race, colour of skin, religion, sex, gender identity or national origin.

Meet the Team

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